Dia Stop

Synergetic and effective diarrhea preventing, complementary feed produced for target animals.


Bacterial, viral and protozoal factors unsettle intestine health in calfs, cause diarrhea and this way hinder them to benefit from feed substances. These factors hold on to the cells in the intestinal mucosa and may also cause permanent damages in intestines. Animal which has diarrhea, cannot benefit from the nutritional substances in the milk or feed it consumes and loses a serious amount of liquid and electrolyte.

The energy source dextrose contained in Diastop; cannot be used by these harmful microorganisms and is a significant source of energy for the animal which has diarrhea. With electrolytes, vitamins and minerals in its’ content, it meets the deficiency of the calf caused by diarrhea and increases the resistance of the calf.

It contains no nutritional sources for the patogenic microorganisms in the intestines thus prevents them to hold on to intestinal lumen and ensures the inflammation to reduce. Contributes on the rapid regulation of feces with the apple pectine, banana powder, rice powder, chicory root powder and other diarrhea preventing substances in its’ content.


Add 50 gr per liter of water prepared at 38 °C as a complementary feed, mix well and give to the calf or lamb with a feeder bottle. Recommended to give 2 liters for every meal and a total of 4 liters per day to calfs and use for 1-7 days.



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