About Matlı Lidaş

MATLI AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS LICENSED WAREHOUSING Inc. embodied within MATI Group of Companies, is founded in 02.11.2016 to carry out activities of licensed warehousing. Being performed in various regions around the world for many years, Matli Group of Companies has taken a step to evaluate its’ activities on this field also in licensed warehousing scale following the beginning of licensed warehousing activities performed in Turkey with the newly updated legislation and continues to grow with its’ 8 branches of 90 thousand tons in Karacabey, 64 thousand tons in Konya, 22 thousand tons in Gaziantep, 28.400 tons in Corlu, 35 thousand tons in Turgutlu, 50 thousand tons in Samsun, 50 thousand tons in Burdur, 50 thousand tons in Polatli, a total of 420 thousand tons and its’ progressing investments.

For licensed warehousing which is a medium where the journey beginning in the field catches a breath with this service qualified as Grain Banking, depositors (Producer farmer, Merchant, Artisan, Industrialist) within the system can bring their product from field and deposit it to the warehouse. For every product deposited, an “Electronic Warehouse Receipt” (e-WR) is issued which has a correspondence in finance sector. This receipt is under the registry of the Central Securities Depository and Settlement and Custody Bank.


Licensed warehouses; are founded in 13.07.2016 by Matli Agricultural Products Licensed Warehousing Inc. according to the guidelines set forth in the “Agricultural Products Licensed Warehousing Law” No. 5300 enacted in 10th February 2005 and other regarding regulations. The company’s capital is 2.000.000.-TL and it fulfilled its’ capital stipulation within the year of 2016.

-Objective of Our Company: Prevalent for over a hundred years in the world, the Licensed Warehousing system has started in our country also in grains and oil seeds sector and the objective of Our Company is to lead Licensed Warehousing sector in our Country and solve problems regarding this field of business. In addition, it’s to pave the way for Commodity Exchange Trading which will be established in our country in future years.

-Primary Area of Activity of the Company: Our Company stores commodity on Grain and Oil Seed products in accordance with the permission of the Ministry of Customs and Trade.

-Branch Offices: Our Company has 8 branch offices. These are Karacabey, Konya, Gaziantep, Corlu, Turgutlu, Samsun, Burdur and Polatli Branch Offices.