Our Values


We respect people, i.e. our suppliers, employees, business partners, customers and consumers, as well as the environment and the animals that consume our products, i.e. life, and we take care to respect their rights. Our products and practices have always been and will continue to be based on this principle.


We do our job with the highest quality and diligence, but we are always looking for better, without ignoring that there may be others better than us. As an organization, we avoid arrogance in every way and strive to conduct and complete our relationships with grace. As a company, we are committed to serving society, not benefiting from it.


We are committed to our country, our company, our business, our team and our brands, and we work with loyalty. We embrace all areas of our work without discrimination. We are a close-knit and strong team.


As a company, we maintain our characteristic of being an organization that can adapt to the dynamic conditions in the markets in which we operate, quickly adapt to new ways of doing business, immediately seize and evaluate new opportunities, and work in agile task forces by bringing different teams to different tasks.


We are committed to establishing and maintaining a relationship of moderation and mutual honest gain with everyone we come into contact with. We are committed not only to prioritizing our own interests, but also to providing benefits to all our stakeholders, to protecting the results of our decisions, and not to deviate from the line of justice in profit and loss.