Ömer Matlı Academy

Omer Matli Academy Research and Development Center for Livestock Farming

Intended to guide the development of new feed varieties within the scope of scientific studies, provide awareness in animal care, feeding, health and general management to the investors, managers and all employees of cattle and ovine businesses, contribute in turning these establishments into profitable businesses and resolving the problems of care and feeding emerging in the field, one of the leading feed producers of Turkey, Matli Food Group has put the “Omer Matli Academy Research and Development Center for Livestock Farming” bearing the name of its’ founder at the sector’s service in 2006.​

In cooperation with the university, Omer Matli Academy is conducting its’ R&D activities with the support of Uludag University Veterinary Faculty within the framework of the protocol signed with Uludag University. There’s also a research and application farmstead under the Research and Development Center for Livestock Farming founded on a 33 thousand square meter area in Karacabey. There’s readily 110 sheeps and 525 cattles of which’s 187 of are milk ones. Directly affecting the milk production, the more productive, higher energy, more nutrient cattle feeds that provide more milk production developed in Omer Matli Academy, are first tested on the animals in this research farmstead and later on offered to the use of the breeder. A daily of 6 tons of milk is obtained from the dairy cattles in the research and application farmstead. Each one of the cattles is reaching to a daily average milk production of 37 liters and the feeds developed in Omer Matli Academy Education and Research Center of Animal Production are directly playing a role in this high productivity. ​​

Scientific solution to problems from Matli Food Group, is fulfilling an important mission on behalf of the national livestock farming in Omer Matli Academy Research and Development Center for Livestock Farming. The center, on one hand is conducting r&d activities to create awareness based on scientific data on cattle and ovine raising and on the other hand is shed a light on fertility problems caused by feeding in dairy cattle raising with TUBITAK promoted projects. Analyses in advanced laboratories, while maximum feed conversion ratios of prepared rations and feeds are measured with digestibility and performance studies, hygienic problems based on storing and raw material receival conditions can be determined with toxin analyses in the Omer Matli Academy.

Analyses that are able to be carried out in Omer Matli Academy Research and Development Center for Livestock Farming:

-Fat, dry matter, protein and lactose analysis in milk. ​

-Calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, blood urea nitrogen, albumin, amylase, total bilirubin, creatine, glucose, total protein, globulin analysis in blood.

-Aflatoxin, T2 toxin, ochratoxin and total toxin analysis in feeds and raw materials.

We share the results with breeders Omer Matli Academy’s studies and results obtained from these studies, are communicated visually and practically to the farmers and breeders with farmstead visits, on-site trainings made during these visits and panels and symposiums organized all across Turkey. this way, the bar for national livestock farming is being raised.