About Perfective

One of the most difficult jobs of the world is cattle feeding.

Because cattles’ need for feeding depends on the factors like race, age, physiological state and climate.

A healthy and balanced prepared ration taking into account the factors which is stated , is highly important in creating a long-lasting and highly productive herd.

Perfective products are complementary feed products that are prepared based on scientific references and contains high amounts of vitamin and mineral. Hence it brings lifetime and performance to your animals and value to the products obtained from them.

Every one of Perfective products meet the needs of different purpose. From improving the protein quality in rations to increasing the energy value, providing a strong vitamin and mineral support to enhancing the silage quality, Perfective is ready to support your gains with its’ wide product range.

Perfective products assist you in a more productive and profitable livestock.

Perfective adds lifetime to your animals.


A great majority of vitamins are contained at large amounts in every kind of feed produced by feed factories.

Besides, group B vitamins can be microbially synthesized in the rumens of ruminants.

That’s why their deficiency is a rare situation.

But, because they take part in the structures of enzymes that play a role in;

Carbohydrate metabolism, Energy metabolism

Fatty acid and protein synthesis, their deficiency causes serious disorders.

Vitamins that need to be taken from outside and their importance

Vitamin A:Required for bone formation, seeing and growth. In its’ deficiency, night blindness, organ damages, shortened gestation period in cows and therefore weak calf births and blindness in calfs emerge.

Vitamin D:Required for the regular course of calcium and phosphorus metabolism in the body. Risk of milk fever declines in sufficient consumption.

Vitamin E:A very important vitamin that retards aging and protects cells form oxidation. It’s also one of the primary substances that have positive effects on immune system.

Niacin:It’s important for being antiketogenic for young ruminants (for they cannot synthesize in their rumens) and high productive milk cows.

Biotin:Associated with carbohydrate metabolism, fatty acids synthesis and cellulose digestion. Has an important role in milk production and feet health.


Mineral substances are essential for the body. They’re not synthesized in the body. All should be taken from outside. Mineral elements are separated into two groups as macros and micros according to their density in the animal body. Those above 50 mg in one kg of lean body weight are called macro elements and those below 50 mg are called micro elements.

Microminerals that need to be taken from outside and their importance

Iodine:Some of it is located in thyroid gland in thyroxine form in the body. And thyroxine regulates the energy metabolism. Calfs of poorly fed cows suffer from goiter. In severe deficiency, calfs can be born hairless or dead. After all, its’ excess is removed from the body with milk.

Copper:Its’ amount decreases in milk in late lactation period. In its’ deficiency, anemia, diarrhea, skin drying and greying emerge. Infertility and cardiovascular disorders are observed. The need is more in meadow animals.

Cobalt:Required for vit. B12 synthesis in rumen. In its’ deficiency, the animal loses control, weight and faces anemia.

Zinc:Required for growth, calf growing and fertility. Excess Ca in the ration decreases Zn absorption.

In its’ deficiency, live weight increase, feed consumption and feed conversion ration declines and dermatitis forms up.

Testicle growth is negatively affected in male animals.

Selenium:It works as a protectant in cells with Vit. E. In its’ deficiency, muscle dystrophy and white muscle diseases emerge in calfs. In addition, it’s asserted to cause retentio secundinarum in cows.