Ömer Matlı Elementary School

Current school building was started to be built by the late philanthropist ÖMER MATLI in 1993. The construction was completed by the end of 1993. Upon the need for higher education in the province back then, with regards to letter of Bursa Provincial Directorate of Education dated 15/12/1994 and numbered 49115 and as a result of the letter of General Directorate of Primary Education dated 10th March 1995 and numbered 2103 and miscellaneous letterings, it was assigned for ULUDAG University (to open Karacabey Vocational High School) for 3 years and served as a collage.

It was then assigned to National Education as of by the academic year of 1999-2000 and began serving as Omer Matli Elementary School. In its’ first year of opening, Ayten FIDAN, Cemalettin ÖZÇELİK, Emin Zafer BİRCAN have served as permanent teachers, Erol PARİK, Hasan ARGIN and Sakir EKİL have served as vice-principal and Mustafa Kemal YAZAR has become the founder principal. Our school has given normal education for 2 years and as of by the academic year of 2001-2002 switched to dual education. The school has gone through renovation in 2001 summer term and it’s finalized by the Provincial Directorate of National Education.

Appreciating the wishes of our late philanthropist ÖMER MATLI’s sons Ozer and Onder MATLI, regarding the new wing as part of 100 % support to education program being made at the most suitable place within the existing school garden without narrowing it down, the works have been finalized and required documents were handed over to them by the District Director of National Education Hasan TURHAN in 25th October 2004. The ground breaking ceremony of the wing has been held in 13th December 2004 Monday. But, the protocol made as 8 classrooms in 15th July 2004 has been revised as 16 classrooms in 24th February 2005. The wing construction was completed in September 2005 and the school is continuing to give education as a single building.