Matlı, a company which adopted delivering quality products with the most suitable price as a principle, follows Turkish and world’s agriculture stock markets and supplies raw materials from every corner of the world with its active and professional solution partners in Turkey and abroad. 


Matlı, a company which offers raw materials for use by the feed industry as well as its own integration and takes into consideration that a quality product is produced with quality raw materials only, is always in search of raw material resources and types. With the high technology laboratory, alternative raw material options are assessed by advanced processes.

In Karacabey and Konya facilities, where quality is assured at all phases, feed for special purposes is produced as well as feed for large ruminants, small ruminants and poultry. Proyem brand was established as a brand that will protect and raise the service and quality levels, being focused on the profitability of the breeder, with its past to present point of view. Proyem, which was established for this purpose with a team whose members are technically qualified, constantly self-improving, dynamic and determined, increases its product, information and service quality with the support of Ömer Matlı Academy and Uludağ University. For Proyem products and information, please visit website.