Feed production in the facility started in 1988 with a capacity of 10 tonnes pelleted feed/hour. The growing and developing livestock sector, made it compulsory for the feed sector to reorganize. In this period, Matlı A.Ş. followed the advances closely and reached a position in the sector where it has a say, by modernising its facilities.

Our Facility in Karacabey operates in an indoor area of 17.500 m2 on a total area of 45.000 m2. The facility, which has a Horizontal Storage Area of 20.000 tonnes capacity and a Steel Silo of 40.000 tonnes capacity for storing raw materials, is capable of storing 1.300 tonnes of feed as 48 different types of products. The facility, which is continuously developing in terms of electricity and mechanics has reached a feed production capacity of 70 tonnes/hour today. At this facility where products are controlled at all phases of production, the production is carried out by means of PLC Automation system without the touch of a human hand. Thus it is possible to monitor all phases from receiving the raw materials to output. 5 loading bands are designed for the quick and precise loading of trucks. Our sacked feed loading capacity is modernized to produce 1.250 tonnes/day. Delivery of bulk feed to farms in the region and our Egg Production Facility is carried out as well the delivery of sacked feed.

We made a difference in Feed Pelleting technology with regards to pellet quality and digestibility thanks to the Compactor which is used for the first time in our country by our company. Thus feed that is subject to instant high temperature and pressure ensure more efficiency compared to feed with same nutrient values that is produced using normal methods. With this new production technology put into service in 2003 Matlı A.Ş. made a difference in the sector and contributed to the breeders.