Matlıis a food group which operates with the aim of meeting the protein needs of Turkey. Ömer Matlı, founder of Matlı Food Group, started his career by selling onions in the Karacabey town of Bursa in 1965. Ömer Matlı, who then started livestock trade and, in line with this, dairy farming at the beginning of 1970’s, started rice production with the commercial reputation brought by the success from his previous work and his accumulated capital. He became a businessman from being a merchant, with the rice factory he established in 1980.

Ömer Matlı decided to produce animal feed in 1986. This investment decision was realized by producing 10 tonnes of dairy cow and beef cow feed per hour in a factory in Karacabey in 1988. In addition to this, the first modern corn drying facility in the region was established in 1992. Özer and Önder Matlı, who took over the business with the death of Ömer Matlı in 1995, uninterruptedly continued the investment activities of the company and realized the Full Fat Soy production facility in 2004 and Ömer Matlı Animal Production Training and Research Center in 2005. Furthermore, they contributed to the national economy with the large ruminant, small ruminant and poultry feed production facilitiesestablished in Konya (2006), Turgutlu (2009), Çorlu (2011), Samsun (2013) and Gaziantep (2014).

Matlı Food Group combined its 50-year feed production experience with egg production and launched its cutting-edge egg production facility in the Canbaz village of the Karacabey town of Bursa in April 2010.

Today, Matlı Food Group is the 144. largest company of Turkey with its 500+ employees, 425 retailers and nearly 2000 suppliers.